I’ve been taking photos for 15 years now, but in greater volume in the last 5 years, when digital made it all so much easier. My photoblog is a record of what I am shooting day to day or week to week.

What motivates me is exploring built and natural scenes that reflect in some way the lives of the people who have shaped the world, and been shaped by it in turn. For me there is something very subtle, but important, about noticing the small details around us – that ruined wall in a paddock that you whizz past in your car used to shelter a farming family, who back then were in a remote part of the world, hours from anywhere. When I think about their lives, and the changes that made them and their lifestyle obsolete, I am amazed that something so overlooked can be so full of meaning. Paying attention to the world around us makes us more likely to feel part of the world, and in turn make us more likely to look after our own corner of it.

Of course, it doesn’t always pay to be too serious about life – lots of my pictures are just about having fun. I hope you have fun too while you are browsing around.

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